Brondell Swash 1000 Review

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This is’s own written review of the Brondell Swash 1000 bidet toilet seat.  The Swash 1000 is an advanced toilet seat and the one that packs the most features in the Brondell lineup.  For those unfamiliar with the Brondell brand, the seats are manufactured in Korea and serviced in San Francisco, CA.  This toilet seat bidet is for those who want a little more than just a heated seat that cleans.

Brondell Swash 1000 toilet seat bidet


We’ll start this review by having a look at the design of the Brondell Swash 1000 in terms of its appearance, dimensions, and built.

Upon first look we could see that the Swash 1000 is identical to the Swash 900 in terms of its appearance and dimensions.  They both have a simple and clean design.  However, the Swash 1000 has more features so you’ll notice that the remote control has a few more buttons.  Still, in true Brondell fashion, the remote is very easy to read and has clear labels.

Starting from the top, you’ll see the buttons for “Rear” wash, “Front” wash, “Stop”, “Move”, and “Dry”.  Below there are buttons to adjust the water pressure, nozzle position, spray width, and seat and water temperature.  And finally there are buttons to activate sterilization and deodorization.  The remote control uses 3 AAA batteries, compared to 2 AA batteries or 2 AAA batteries in other remote controls of other brands.

On the toilet seat itself, there is an auxiliary control panel with the “Power” button, the “Rear Cleansing” button, and the “Nozzle cleaning” button.

Brondell Swash 1000 Remote Control

The Swash 1000 is available in two designs: elongated and round.  You should be able to see what kind of toilet you have simply by looking at it.  Precisely, elongated toilets are about 18.5 inches long from the mounting bolts at the back to the front, and round toilets are about 16.5 inches.  Either of these models will fit either your 1 piece toilet or 2 piece toilet.  However, they may not fit your 1 piece French curve toilet, if you have one.  We recommend checking with the manufacturer if you’re not sure.

The elongated version of the Swash 1000 measures about one inch longer than the round version.  Its dimensions are 20.8” long, 15” wide, and 5.7” at the highest point in the back.  The round version is 19.4” long.  It’s a relatively compact bidet toilet seat, as most toilet seat bidets measure anywhere between 4” to 7” thick and 15” to 18” wide.

Brondell Swash 1000 Dimensions

The  Brondell Swash 1000 comes in white and biscuit (beige).


There are two dedicated cleansing buttons: Rear and Front.  The Rear spray cleans your rear and the Front spray is a bidet for ladies.  While using each of these sprays, you can control the width of the spray with the “Wide Spray” button.  You can choose three widths: concentrated (blue light), medium (pink light), and wide (red light).  By pressing the “Move” (oscillation) button you can get the nozzle to move back and forth during a wash cycle to clean a larger area.

Other customizable options for the Swash 1000 are the nozzle position (which you can adjust to 5 different positions), the water temperature (which you can adjust to 3 different levels), the water pressure (which you can adjust to 3 different levels), and the seat temperature (which you can adjust to 3 different levels).  When you are finished you can press the “Dry” button to activate the warm air dryer.  The dryer will run for approximately 2 minutes.  You can press it again to turn it on after 2 minutes, or press “Stop” to turn it off.

The minimum water temperature is 89°F/31.7°C and maximum water temperature is 99.5˚F/37.5˚C.  The adjustable heated seat has a surface temperature between 88˚F/31˚C to 99˚F/37.2˚C.

There is an automatic Eco Mode which saves power by automatically lowering the seat temperature. If this feature is set, the toilet seat will automatically launch into Eco Mode when it hasn’t been used for 10 or more minutes.  The toilet seat will be on the lowest temperature.

Cleaning the nozzle is easy with a dedicated Nozzle Cleaning feature and button.  This is located on the side of the toilet, not the remote.  When you push this button the nozzle extends out so that it can be wiped down.  It’s recommended to clean the nozzle with a soft cloth or toothbrush.  You can then press it again for the second nozzle to come out.  And if you press it a third time, the nozzle will retract.  For everyday use, you can turn on sterilization using the button on the remote and this will sterilize and clean the nozzle for 30 seconds.  Deodorization can be activated using a button as well, which will be performed for approximately one minute.

Finally, many people ask this question: Do you need a hot water supply?  The answer is no.  The toilet seat heats the water by an instant “ceramic heating system” which Brondell claims to provide an endless warm water stream while reducing power consumption by up to 60% over water tank systems.  But you will need to plug the seat into an electric outlet.

Our Rating

Brondell Swash 1000 Rating
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Price


Total rating (out of 5).

Why the Brondell S1000?

Choosing a bidet toilet seat can be a difficult decision.  There are many products on the market and it’s not easy to see what features you get with each product.  To help with your decision, we put together some reasons why the Brondell Swash 1000 might be the one you’re looking for.

You should buy the Brondell S1000 if:

  • You want a bidet toilet seat with a heated seat, warm water, and customizable cleansing
  • You want a remote control (that is easy to use)
  • You want a compact toilet seat bidet
  • You want a warm air dryer
  • You want to save energy through the “Eco Mode” which lowers seat temperature
  • You want a seat that deodorizes and is easy to clean and maintain
  • You have a 3-prong plug near the toilet or are willing to install one
  • You want a simple, easy-to-use toilet seat with a clean design


One drawback of the Brondell 1000 is that it has a smaller temperature range than that of other advanced toilet seat bidets, in terms of both water temperature and heated seat.  We’re actually being very picky, as you can tell, because this is an advanced seat and we’d like to see it have more options in terms of temperature selection.  Having the right washing temperature is very important when it comes to comfort.  Other than this, it’s very difficult to find major faults in the Swash 1000.

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy

The Swash 1000 gets many things right: simple, clean, compact design, customizable washing, and easy-to-use remote are among the many.  It’s the perfect balance for those who want an advanced bidet toilet seat without the headaches that some technologies can bring.  It’s also a seat that actually looks nice and is not cheaply made.  For the amount of features that you get, the price is unbeatable and gives Toto a run for its money.  You can buy this product conveniently online or, if you prefer to have a first-hand look, at your local home improvement store.

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