Best Full-Featured Bidet Toilet Seat

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When we talk about full-featured bidet seats, we’re talking about seats that offer maximum comfort.  These seats have all the bells and whistles.  They have advanced features and beautiful designs.  They are for the toilet seat enthusiasts – the people who appreciate such a beautiful invention, who say no to compromise, who want the best of the best.  They are for people who want to enjoy the good things in life, because life is too short to be spending your days uncomfortably on the toilet.  Whatever your intentions, these are some of the best full-featured toilet seats that we can recommend with confidence.

1) Toto Washlet S350e

The Toto Washlet S350e has got to be the coolest toilet seat bidet ever invented.  It has all the features ever dreamed up for the bidet seat that is technologically possible today.  It does everything the other bidet seats can do, plus it has some features that only it possesses.  For example, it has an automatic open and close lid.  You don’t have to touch the lid to open and close it.  You can also set the seat to open and close automatically too.  The other quite unique feature that it has is a night light.  Only a few toilet seats have this.  The night light turns on automatically when someone goes to use the toilet.  It’s much better for your eyes than having to turn on a bright bathroom light when you go to use the toilet at night.

The other thing that makes the Toto S350e one of the best premium seats is it has more wash settings than many of the bidets.  There are two front sprays and two back sprays, as well as an oscillating wash to move the spray nozzle back and forth, and a pulsating spray to alternate water pressure strength.  What this all means is you’ll get a really comfortable wash.  This is just a glimpse of the wide range of features the Toto S350e offers.  If you want to read more about this bidet, or take a look at other features such as the ewater+ system, check out our review.

2) Toto Washlet S300e

We like to think of the S300e as the little brother of the S350e.  As brothers, they are very similar in that they have a bunch of advanced features, but as the little brother, the S300e is missing a couple of features the S350e has, such as the auto open and close lid and the night light.  That said, we still consider it a full-featured premium bidet because it does have many things the ordinary bidets don’t have.  For instance, it has the two front and two back sprays.  Besides, it is smart enough to remember the wash settings for up to two people.  You just press a button to pull up those settings once you have them set.  The Toto S300e also has the ewater+ sanitation system.  And like the S350e, it is the slimmest bidet toilet seat on the market.  All in all, the S300e is another full-featured bidet that deserves some attention.  Read our review here.

3) Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 is the most advanced bidet that Bio Bidet makes.  One cool thing about buying this bidet is that you can choose the remote color – black or white – to match your bathroom décor.  It is a very futuristic looking bidet seat.  Although it is not as slim as the Toto S350e or S300e, it is still a relatively slim bidet compared to the more basic bidets.  Like the Toto S350e, this bidet seat has a night light.  It has a number of wash settings, including oscillating and massage modes.  The one cool feature that is unique to this toilet seat is the hybrid heating system.  This system will ensure that you get a continuous amount of warm water at the perfect temperature.  The one thing you have to be careful about if you’re considering this bidet, though, is that it is designed for elongated toilets, whereas the two Toto bidets above have both elongated and round versions.  Be sure to read our Bio Bidet BB-2000 review as well.

We wish you good luck in finding a great bidet with great features!

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