Toto Washlet S550e Review

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The Toto S550e is one of the newest bidet seats released by Toto. It is the newer model of the Toto S350e which is an advanced bidet seat that was released a few years ago. The S350e is the ultimate bidet seat, packed with all the features ever imagined so far for a bidet seat, and today we’re going to take a look at the Toto S550e. The S550e looks like an amazing piece of tech and we can’t wait to share it with you. So without further ado!

Toto Washlet S550e Contemporary


One of the things we like most about the older S350e is the slim design. At the highest point at the back it measures less than 4 inches tall, whereas most bidets are around 6 inches tall. This is just as we expect from an advanced bidet – slim, sleek, and gorgeous. This S550e is no different. It has a slim design. And with the S550e, you can actually pick from two different styles: Contemporary and Classic. Contemporary is more modern-looking of the two, and measures under 5 inches at the tallest point at the back. And Classic has nice detail along the edge of the lid, and measures exactly 5 inches at the tallest point at the back.

However, the S550e is only available in an elongated version. This is one major difference from the S350e, which is available in both elongated and round versions. The dimensions for the S550e Contemporary seat are 20-15/16” long, 15-1/16” wide, and 4-13/16″ tall.  And the dimensions for the S500e Classic seat are 20-11/16” long, 15-1/16” wide, and 5″ tall.

Toto Washlet S550e Contemporary Dimensions

Toto Washlet S550e Classic Dimensions

With regards to the remote control, this is also an area where the S550e differs from the older S350e. It’s still a remote control, but the one with the S550e has been upgraded. It’s an illuminated touch pad remote control with a rounded-edge design. So when you hold it in your hands, it would have a better ergonomic feel compared to the other remote. This remote is powered by two AA batteries.

Toto S500e S550e remote control

The Toto S550e comes in Cotton white or Sedona beige.


As far as features go, the S550e is essentially the same as the S350e. So why did Toto make another bidet seat that’s so similar? Our guess is that they wanted to keep what was already good and make certain upgrades to the bidet seat – namely, a more advanced remote control, a better nightlight, and an updated look.

So what are the features of this bidet seat? Four dedicated cleansing modes: rear, rear soft, front, and wide front; pulsating and oscillating cleansing; heated seat; air deodorizer; air dryer; ewater+ (electrolyzed water) cleaning system for the bowl and (new to the S550e) wand as well; pre-mist function; programmable wash settings for two people; nightlight; auto open/close seat and lid; and energy saver.

The one thing we would like to point out here is the ewater+ system feature. Electrolyzed water cleaning is a safe cleaning method of using a solution of regular tap water with (typically) sodium chloride that has been passed through an electric current and is able to kill many viruses and bacteria. With the Toto S550e, the ewater+ system cleans the bowl and the wand, whereas the S350e only cleans the bowl. The pre-mist function sprays the bowl to make it difficult for dirt to adhere and the deodorizer starts when you sit down on the toilet. The Toto S550e is definitely one of the best bidet seats for people who want a super clean and odor-free toilet!

Do you need a hot water supply to use this bidet seat? The answer is no. The toilet seat heats the water using an instant (tankless) water heating system.  But you will need to plug the seat into an electric outlet.

Our Rating

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Why the Toto S550e?

Picking a bidet seat is difficult. On the one hand, it’s something that you always use and will use for many years, so why not get the best? On the other hand, you wonder if it’s worth spending the extra money on advanced features? To help with your decision, we put together some reasons why the Toto Washlet S550e might suit your needs.

You should buy the Toto Washlet S550e if:

  • You want a bidet toilet seat with a heated seat, warm water, and customizable cleansing
  • You want a spray with four cleansing modes, including oscillating and pulsating “massage” functions
  • You want an advanced touch pad remote control and a compact toilet seat
  • You want a bidet seat with a slim, sleek design
  • You want a product that can remember a couple of personal cleansing settings
  • You want a “smart” toilet seat bidet with a programmable timer that helps you save energy
  • You want to maintain a clean, odor-free toilet with extreme ease
  • You want to minimize the use of toxic cleaners by taking advantage of “ewater+” sanitization
  • You want a warm air dryer to minimize the use of toilet paper
  • You want a night light
  • You want an automatic open/close seat and lid
  • You have a 3-prong plug near the toilet or are willing to install one
  • You like the Toto brand and quality


One drawback of the Toto S550e is that it’s only available in an elongated version. If you have a round toilet, it will not work for you. Unless you’re willing to install a new elongated toilet, we recommend purchasing the Toto S350e instead, which has a round version and the same set of features as the S550e.

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy

The Toto Washlet S550e is an extremely beautiful bidet seat packed with advanced features like nightlight, automatic open/close lid, electrolyzed water cleaning for the bowl and the wand, and a wireless touch pad remote control. This is the ultimate bidet seat. If you want nothing short of excellence this is the bidet seat to get. You can buy this product conveniently online or at your local home improvement store.

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