Kohler C3-230 Bidet Review

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In this review we’re going to take a look at the Kohler C3-230 bidet seat. This is one of the more advanced Kohler bidet seats. We consider it a step up from the Kohler C3-155. By the end of the review, we hope you will walk away with an idea of whether or not the Kohler C3-230 is the right bidet for you. So let’s get right into it!

Kohler C3-230 bidet


We’re going to start this review by taking a look at the design of the Kohler C3-230 in terms of its appearance, dimensions, and built.

Most of the other Kohler bidets use tank or hybrid water heating systems, whereas the Kohler C3-230 uses a tankless water heating system. This kind of heating system will provide you with warm water on demand, which means it will use less energy than the other two heating systems. One of the benefits of having a bidet that uses a tankless water heating system is that they don’t look as bulky and the design appears more streamlined. With this particular model, it isn’t the slimmest we’ve seen, but neither is it bulky.

When shopping around for a bidet seat, one of the first things you might consider is if you want a bidet with an attached control panel or a remote control. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. For instance, with an attached control you need to make sure there’s enough space on the side of your toilet to install the seat, because the control is attached to the side of the toilet. With a remote control, your toilet seat is more compact, but you need to replace the batteries inside the remote and bidet seats with remotes are more expensive. The Kohler C3-230 uses a cool touch screen remote control to operate. With this touch screen remote control you can program wash settings for two users, so every time you go to use the toilet you can retrieve your personalized settings.

Kohler C3-230 touchscreen remote control

The Kohler C3-230 will only fit elongated toilets. It’s not designed for round toilets. Elongated toilets have an oval shape and are about 18.5 inches long from the mounting bolts at the back to the front, while round toilets have a circle shape and are about 16.5 inches long from the back.

The dimensions of the Kohler C3-230 are 20-7/16″ long, 17-1/8” wide, and 6-1/16” tall at the highest point in the back.

Kohler C3-230 dimensions

The Kohler C3-230 comes in White or Biscuit.


The Kohler C3-230 has a front and rear wash like most bidets. But unlike most bidets, the wand is made of stainless steel which is more durable instead of plastic, and it has an automatic UV light sanitization feature to keep things extra clean. You can use the pulsating feature with the spray that alternates between high and low water pressures and feels like you’re being given a massage, or the oscillating feature which would move the wand back and forth so you can clean a wider area.

The cleansing functions of the Kohler C3-230 are highly customizable. You can adjust the water temperature to 5 levels and the wand position to 5 levels. This bidet also features a heated seat that you can adjust to 5 different warmth levels.

There is also a warm air dryer with this bidet that you can adjust to 5 different temperature levels, so including the heated seat and warm water wash, you have all the basic features that provide a comfortable washing experience.

Another great feature is the deodorizer. The deodorizer minimizes odor which is great if the toilet on which you plan to install this is typically used by more than one person! The bidet seat can also be removed quickly at the click of a button so that you can clean the area around the toilet easily.

The one cool feature that most Kohler bidets come with is a nightlight! Usually, this is a premium feature that only comes with a handful of bidets, and a nightlight is always a good feature to have. With the nightlight, which is an LED light that illuminates the bowl, you can use the toilet during the night without having to switch on a bright bathroom light.

And the final feature we want to mention is that this bidet has a soft closing lid, so it can close quietly without slamming down.

Will you need a hot water supply to use this bidet?  The answer is no.  The toilet seat heats the water.  But you will need to plug the seat into an electric outlet.

Our Rating

Kohler C3-230 Rating
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Total rating (out of 5).

Why the Kohler C3-230 bidet seat?

Buying a bidet toilet seat is a huge investment. After all, you’re going to be sitting on it multiple times a year for many, many years.  You have to make sure that you get one that suits your needs (which is why you’re reading this, of course!).  To help with your decision, we put together some reasons why the Kohler C3-230 might be the one you’re looking for.

You should buy the Kohler C3-230 if:

  • You want a bidet toilet seat with a heated seat, warm water, and customizable cleansing
  • You want a spray with a pulsating “massage” mode
  • You want an advanced bidet seat with a touch screen remote control
  • You want to be able to store user settings for two people
  • You want a bidet seat with a nightlight
  • You want a stainless steel wand with UV light sanitization
  • You want to maintain a clean, odor-free toilet with relative ease
  • You want a warm air dryer to minimize the use of toilet paper
  • You want a bidet with a tankless water heating system
  • You have a 3-prong plug near the toilet or are willing to install one


There is virtually nothing major we dislike about this bidet seat, because it is a bidet seat that has all the features that we would want: customizable warm water wash, warm air dryer, durable stainless steel wand, warm air dryer, deodorizer, and even nightlight! And you operate it with a cool touch screen remote control.

However, we don’t really like the way the hinges that attach the seat to the back are – doesn’t look as clean and seamless. It looks like someone cut your toilet seat in half and attached it back together.

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy

To wrap up, this is a bidet seat with many great features – heated seat, warm water wash, stainless steel wand with UV light sanitization, warm air dryer, touch screen remote control, deodorizer, soft closing lid, and nightlight. If you have an elongated toilet, the Kohler C3-230 is a great option to consider! You can buy this bidet online or at your local home improvement store.

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